Rick Von Pfeil Announces Campaign for Congress

Last Updated:  
February 12, 2024

Rick Von Pfeil, a native of Taylor, Texas and fifth generation Texan, has launched a campaign for the Democratic nomination for Congress in District 31.

“Congress is a dysfunctional mess,” he said as he announced his campaign. “That dysfunction puts our democracy under grave threat. For example, the bipartisan border legislation became a mess when Members of Congress allowed partisan politics to wreck the bipartisan solution."

Pfeil grew up in Taylor then attended Baylor University graduating with a Bachelors and Master’s degree in finance. After a few years serving as a professor at Baylor, Pfeil moved on to a successful career in private industry — mostly working in health care, high tech and business consulting. After working more than 25 years in business, including several years in the Philippines where he met his wife, Pam, he returned to Taylor to help care for his elderly parents.

“I understand what it’s like to be the only Democrat in the room,” he said. “I live in a conservative town, studied religion a conservative university and attended a conservative church, so I know how to visit with conservatives. Plus, I worked in the corporate world for years. My life story is a lived-experience of respectfully sharing and defending our Democratic policies and values, without losing my friends at work or church. My goal has always been to present a different perspective and get others to think about it. That experience allows me to build bridges.” He said that his platform of protecting democracy by ending partisan gerrymandering, adopting sensible term limits, congressional reforms and protecting voting rights can help restore civility to Congress and help to put the country back on the right track.

“We need to fix Congress if we are to save our democracy,” he said. “We can do that if we will just work together on common sense reforms.” He said he has one central message to Democrats in the district. “Make me your nominee and we’ll build a bigger tent. That’s what it will take to win this district. We’ll invite disillusioned Democrats and Independents, as well as orphaned Republicans who want to push back against their fractured party. Together, we can do great things!”

Primary Election Day is March 5. Early voting runs from Feb. 20 to March 1.

To learn more about the Pfeil campaign, go to www.rvp4congress.com.