Re-Instate Women's Rights

What happened to Kate Cox and Yeni Glick should wake us up to the dangers women face post-Dobbs. Women’s medical decisions should be kept in confidence, and that privacy should never be violated. It’s between her and her doctor. I believe Congress should restore and defend women’s rights regardless of where they live.

Tackle Climate Change Head On

The inconvenient truths about climate change, that Al Gore warned us about 20 years ago, are becoming more visible every day. Regular, world-wide news events — from more powerful hurricanes and tornados, wildfires and historic droughts and floods — our future is looking like something out the Book of Revelations. I believe Congress must proactively promote the alternative energy industries and the jobs this will create.

Reform Retirement Benefits to Protect Public Servants

Currently 2.3 million public servants like teachers, firefighters, and police officers face reduced retirement benefits because of a loophole created by Congress. This is unfair, and I will introduce a House version of the Social Security Fairness Act to give these retirees the benefits they deserve.